I work with web development since 2003, using PHP in most cases. I have a large experience using Zend Framework, which I work with since 2008. In addition I develop RubyOnRails applications and I have experience with Java and C.

Today I am a big fan of Laravel PHP Framework, using it as main PHP framework. I am co-founder and CEO at Zero31 Comunicação, an advertising agency based in Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil, that works with TV, web, radio and graphics too.

My Resume:

  • MSc. Information Science at UFMG 2013-present
  • Graduate Web Applications Development at PUC Minas 2011-2012
  • MBA Business Management at FGV 2007-2009
  • BSc. Computer Science at PUC Minas 2003-2006
  • ZCE Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3 at Zend Technologies 2011

Contact me at:

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