Congratulations! Now you are a remote worker. Enjoy your new life!

Working remotely is the dream job of most developers I know. It’s a hard process but it’s totally possible. Now you got the best job you could . Enjoy your new life!

The beginning. The dream.

Do you remember yourself some weeks/months ago? The first interview you did (maybe you’re not a native English speaker like me). You’ve improved a lot, you’re a better person. You’re speaking a “better English and you’re not shy “in front of” the interviewers anymore.

After resumes and more resumes, after those initial interviews, those technical ones, after doing a “sample project” to show up your skills, you got your dream job. You received an offer and you accepted it. Now you’re officially a remote worker! Congratulations to you and to your wife, because now you’re going to be at home every day, and this is really important!

Now you can work from anywhere, even traveling. Now you can be a digital nomad. Now you can work without pants, with slippers and you can wake up just a few minutes before start working. No more commuting, no more offices.

Next week you’re going to start a new step in your life. Be prepared, because your life’s going to start changing forever. I said forever.

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Degree or not degree? When is it really important?

One of the most discussed topics in the technology field is about having degrees and how important they are. Do you really need one to be a good engineer? When is it really important for you?

Writing a post like this is a big responsibility. I’m not here to say if you should attend to a university degree, even the opposite. I’m here to share my experience and make you think about this subject with at least two different points of view. Since 2016 I’m on the employee side of the desk, but I stayed on the employer one for nine years, including hiring.

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Invest in yourself. Be searchable!

Being really good in your field is important, but more important than that is to seem to be good. Invest in yourself. Be searchable!

How many times did you search your name on Google? How many times did you search some keywords related to you? Did you like the results you got? Can them be better? They should.

We, developers and engineers, built the Web like it is today, but sometimes we forgot how important we are, and mainly, how important we should be. This is something that – believe me – happens more than you think. We like to code for others, to create software, to make money, but we forget to invest in ourselves images, and how people think we are.

This is not about your work, this is not about your job. This is about you, your image, and how you take care of it.

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