Basic CRUD operations with Zend Framework

Hi everyone,

Here I am again. Yesterday a friend asked me how to create the basics CRUD (Create, Release, Update, Delete) operations using Zend Framework. As everybody now, a basic CRUD it’s a good way to understand some framework’s resources to a new ZF developer. As he is a newbie with Zend Framework, the example will be simpler, but complete.

I think this example resumes a lot of things of a basic usage of Zend Framework, like controllers, models – not exactly ;-), views and the magic Zend_Form, with form validation, filters and more.

Our application context will be a simple Blog using MySQL as database. Why blog again? Because it’s simple to understand, just it. Our blog application will have just the posts table, to show only the CRUD funcionallity. Comments and files can be reason to a future post.

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