Configuring a VPS from scratch at Rackspace

Hello everyone…

Last monday I signup a new VPS (Virtual Private Server) at Rackspace. Let’s go!

Why do I need a VPS? Why not a shared host company?

You don’t need, but it’s better than a shared host. Using a shared host (usually use cPanel/WHM) you have to follow the company’s rules. If you want to try some framework, for example, that uses PHP 5.3 and your shared host has PHP 5.2, you are in a dead end. Shared hosts don’t allow you change that. Using a VPS you have all control about the server.

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Secure file upload using chmod 755


Today I will talk about secure file upload.

Please, do not use chmod 777 on yours upload files. That means everyone can write on your directory and maybe execute that file.

Use chmod 755 and be happy. For that you must have to change the directory’s owner to the apache users. In the Ubuntu Linux the apache user is usually www-data, but using another versions can be apache, httpd, nobody or just www.


chown -R www-data upload_dir  
chown -R 755 upload_dir

See you…

Deploying Zend Framework applications on a shared host

Hello everybody!

Usually I have direct access (shell) in all the servers that host my Zend Framework applications, but, some clients already have a shared host, so I have to deploy the application there too.

I was thinking how can I never thought this before! There are a lot of ways to deploy a Zend Framework application, but in a shared host we can’t have access to create Virtual Hosts on Apache.

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