• Creating your first WordPress theme – Part 2

    Continuing with our Wordpress Theme's series, in this post you will learn how to create page templates and how to retrieve posts inside your theme files.

  • Creating your first Wordpress theme - Part 1

    Continuing with our first Wordpress site, now we'll understand how Wordpress allow you to customize themes. If you didn't read the first post about Wordpress Thinking the Wordpress Way - First Steps and want to learn how Wordpress works, take a look.

  • Thinking the Wordpress Way - First Steps

    I work with PHP since 8 years and I never took a look on Wordpress. In the start of this year a customer requires me to develop his next website, but using the Wordpress. So I had to search some tutorials on the Internet and join informations to make my own way to think using Wordpress.

  • Getting an free Akismet API key for your personal site

    Yesterday I publish a new blog theme and the spams arrived! Between 12 AM and 7 AM I received 12 spam emails in my Inbox. So, let's get a free Akismet API Key. I'm using the Akismet Wordpress Plugin

  • My blog's new theme

    I am here to present my new blog theme. I know that I have to blog more but I am not having time for that. So, yesterday I was thinking in a way to blog more and decided to create a new blog theme. I think a clean and small blog theme can make me feel more productive and start to blogging more.

  • MySocial - My Social Network developed for academic purposes

    I am now finishing my Post-graduate course in Web Development at PUCMG and I had the RubyOnRails discipline to do. The final work was develop a simple Social Network app using RubyOnRails. I love that framework and think the Ruby language is amazing.

  • LESS CSS App for Linux

    Here I am again. Today I will talk about a LESS CSS App for Linux OS. I use both Mac and Linux machines. Using Mac we have the excellent app For Linux, we have a executable file (SH commands) that wait for file update and run the lessc command to compile the less file.

  • Configuring a VPS from scratch at Rackspace

    Last monday I signup a new VPS (Virtual Private Server) at Rackspace. Let's go! Why do I need a VPS? Why not a shared host company? You don't need, but it's better than a shared host. Using a shared host (usually use cPanel/WHM) you have to follow the company's rules. If you want to try some framework, for example, that uses PHP 5.3 and your shared host has PHP 5.2, you are in a dead end. Shared hosts don't allow you change that. Using a VPS you have all control about the server.

  • Secure file upload using chmod 755

    Today I will talk about secure file upload. Please, do not use chmod 777 on yours upload files. That means everyone can write on your directory and maybe execute that file.

  • Creating new Zend Framework project using Zend_Tool

    Another quick tip. To start a new Zend Framework project, the easiest way is using Zend_Tool for that. Please, install first the Zend_Tool follow this link at Zend Framework documentation page.

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