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Here I am again. Today I will talk about a LESS CSS App for Linux OS.

I use both Mac and Linux machines. Using Mac we have the excellent app http://incident57.com/less/. For Linux, we have a executable file (SH commands) that wait for file update and run the lessc command to compile the less file.

The Linux file located in this link. Just download it. http://code.krml.fr/less.app

This file uses the inotify-tools for Linux. So you have to install it too. Now I am using Fedora 16, so just type as root yum install inotify-tools and Yum will install it. Ubuntu users can use apt-get for that too.

yum install inotify-tools

I suggest you create a symbolic link to this file. You can create a dir like /usr/share/lessapp and put the file inside it. So create a symbolic link to your bin folder:

ln -s /usr/share/lessapp/less.app /usr/bin/lessapp

Easy! So now you can run the LESS App with all your projects. For example, in the your project root path:

lessap mylessfolder mycssfolder

The script will compile all less files inside the less folder to css files inside css folder.

I hope help!

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