MySocial – My Social Network developed for academic purposes

Hello people!

I am now finishing my Post-graduate course in Web Development at PUCMG and I had the RubyOnRails discipline to do.

The final work was develop a simple Social Network app using RubyOnRails. I love that framework and think the Ruby language is amazing.

So, the final result is shared in GitHub at and the live app is hosted at my own domain:

This app was decisive for my interest on improve my RoR knowledges. I am in love with the framework and some GEM’s I use, like Devise and Paperclip.

That’s it! Thanks.

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Junior Grossi

Senior PHP Engineer with TDD focus. Husband & Dad. Creator of Corcel PHP. Organizer of PHPMG. Senior Product Engineer at Glofox. Loves coffee and music.

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