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These days I’m thinking about productivity and the use of PHP frameworks. I’ve read some posts about framework X or Y, defending a framework instead of another one.

I know people that use a framework like Zend Framework to develop a simple website just to say they’re using it, and not an “easy” framework. I think you must to solve the problem, not create another one. You have to use best practices but first you have to solve the problem, nothing more.

You don’t have to use a hard-to-learn framework just to say your friends you know about it. You can do amazing things with easy-to-learn frameworks, like Code Igniter, CakePHP, Laravel or Slim. You can do better even with pure PHP if you want, but you have to concern about productivity (and security of course).

We have a lot of good tool to work with PHP like WordPress, Laravel, Code Igniter, etc. I know people who are ashamed to say they’re using WordPress. Yes, WP is easy, is simple, but SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. You can create an entire website with Administrative Panel with few hours and it will be good and productive. If you want to develop a simple web-application you don’t need to use Zend Frameworks 2 or another “hard” framework. You can use small frameworks and easy ones too. Don’t be afraid to say you are using a easy framework or a “new” framework like Laravel.

For me, Laravel solve 99% of my problems. When I am talking about websites, I have used WordPress alone in 80% of them, and some specific cases I can use another Zend Framework or Laravel component just to do an specific use case.

Be productive and don’t be shame about what you are using in PHP. If the solution you have found solve your problem use it, earn money and be happy. Remember only to search about libraries you can use to increase your productivity. We have a LOT of cool things already developed in PHP.

Best regards. Be happy.

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4 thoughts on “Solve the problem. Just it!”

  1. I agree.. It all depends on the problem you are trying to solve and resources available. I’m a fan of Laravel but if your client insists of using his old shared host, then you can revert back to codeigniter, or if it’s a simple websites with few pages and a simple e-commerce functionality then wordpress makes sense.

    1. Hi @Alberto!

      Thanks for the comment. About shared host you can use the framework you want using it, like Laravel, Zend Framework, etc. I have a post about that, check it out

      But maybe because some limitations of shared hosts it’s better to get a VPS or use an old school framework hehe.

      Thanks again for the comment. Welcome to the blog.


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