• Using Ruby on Rails Ajax adapter with any project, even PHP (like Laravel)

    Using Ajax with Ruby On Rails is a very easy task. You can write a link, set "remote true", write a view file with Javascript code and just it. Do you know how Ajax calls work on Rails? Maybe you can use it, inside any project: PHP, Python, you choose. And an easy way!

  • Why Wordpress is your best option for creating websites

    I've been working with Wordpress to make websites for 3 or 4 years. Before that I've used PHP Frameworks and always I had to rewrite some component to adapt to a new job. Wordpress came to fill this blanks and with its amazing plugins it helps you to develop websites very fast and with amazing quality.

  • Working with Laravel 4 or 5 and Wordpress together

    Currently I am working on a project where I had to make some choices about technologies and how work with them together. First this project will be developed using Wordpress only. It's a College Group site, where we had to work with 13 schools around the world and each one must has the control of your own content.

  • Generating IDs like Youtube or using PHP

    Let's supose you want to develop your own URL shortener, like for example. You can, of course, use the ID as a integer, like, 1, 2, 3, etc. If you have 12.345 rows in your database table, you will need 5 digits, like Large applications like Youtube, have much more entries, so, to use numbers, the URL will be very long, like

  • Managing assets with Laravel 4

    Generally assets are stored in your public directory, right? They are public, so anyone can get access to them. But nowadays the performance is a very important factor when deploying a new app. I strongly recommend you to minify and cache your assets, like CSS files, Javascript files and Images.

  • Working with PHP 5.4+ built-in server with Laravel 4

    One of the best improvements of the PHP 5.4 was the built-in web server. Like in Ruby On Rails, now you do not need Apache or Nginx inside your development machine.

  • Be a better PHP developer

    Actually this post is a outflow and at the same time an advice. I have seen some PHP developers that are completely OUT of what is happening in the PHP world, besides committing some mistakes that cannot be accepted.

  • Solve the problem. Just it!

    These days I'm thinking about productivity and the use of PHP frameworks. I've read some posts about framework X or Y, defending a framework instead of another one. I know people that use a framework like Zend Framework to develop a simple website just to say they're using it, and not an "easy" framework. I think you must to solve the problem, not create another one. You have to use best practices but first you have to solve the problem, nothing more.

  • Design Patterns with PHP - Adapters

    Today I am starting a post series about Design Patterns. I have wrote about them a lot but only suggesting you to learn about to be a better developer. I am studying them, so nothing better to write about and improve my knowledges too. I only ask you to read everything to understand the concepts behind the patterns. You have to understand them to know where you can use one or another.

  • Testing your Packagist/Composer package locally

    I am developing a project that uses a package I'm developing too. So, it is a real time test project. I find a new way to do something and write it inside my package and uses that. But sometimes this is a boring work. I am sharing my package in the Packagist website using Composer, and everything I change I have to commit, push to GitHub and update my project with Composer, to get the new code I've wrote. That's a very very bad idea.

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