• Contributing with the PHP community

    Everyone wants to contribute in some way with developers. Maybe you're thinking in a project to develop and share but you search at Google and find someone who already did that. Maybe the answer to this problem is in front of you. Everything you do can be reused in a future project. If you're working in a project in the company you works, I'm sure you have some piece of code that you had to thought to develop it. So you can contribute.

  • Installing ssh-copy-id on MAC and connect through SSH without password

    I have some servers and always I have to login using SSH, but some passwords is very complex. So, you must copy your public key to the desired server and be happy.

  • Creating your first Composer/Packagist package

    Today I'll write about how you can contribute with PHP community creating packages (or updating your's) using Composer and Packagist. First, if you're a PHP developer and don't know yet what is Composer, take a look on the post Why you should use Composer and how to start using it to get more information about.

  • Why you should use Composer and how to start using it

    One of the most big changes happening in PHP world is the Composer. I'm shure you heard about it but maybe you don't know why you should use it and how much it is good for you and your projects.

  • Working with multiple PHP versions on MAC OS-X

    Today I had to update a project that was developed using Wordpress and PHP 5.3. Today I have PHP 5.4 installed on my machine and this newer version abandoned some old features, and you have some Fatal errors like Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed. The solution was go back to PHP 5.3 and do the updates on my the project, because the production server is with PHP 5.3 too.

  • Why you should use a PHP Framework and why I'm using Laravel

    Use or not to use a PHP Framework on your new projects? Here I'll talk about my personal opinion about that and I wish help you. First, I have a simple concept about languages and respectives frameworks: a framework must make the development simpler. Every software has a single purpose: work! This is the main goal of every project, do that to simplify the life of someone.

  • Migrating emails using IMAP (imapsync) to/from (Gmail, Yahoo, etc)

    I'll try use the new Yahoo! Mail for a while but I need my old emails messages. I am a Gmail user and want to copy everything to Yahoo! Mail. After search a lot at Google I found imapsync. It is a Linux program that runs on the command line and can connect to a IMAP server and copy to another one.

  • Deploying/Upload applications using GIT (forget FTP)

    Today I'll talk a practice that changed my life. Since when I work developing web applications I used to work with FTP to send files to server. Forget using FTP for that and welcome to the GIT world. GIT became famous after the launch of GitHub website. GIT is a version control tool used to manage applications (or files) and control users files update and much more.

  • Deploying Laravel applications on a shared host

    Laravel is an awesome PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. Actually it is on the third version and it is one of the great PHP frameworks we have today. As a lot of frameworks, we have to create our own Apache Virtual Host to point to the public dir to improve security and only allow access to really public files.

  • Creating your first WordPress theme – Part 3 - Important files

    Let's continue with our Wordpress series. Today I'll write about the main files in a Wordpress theme, what you have to know and how them work in a Wordpress environment.

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